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Your body needs both - acidic & alkaline foods! Maintain the right balance.

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1. Log food items from the list

2. Tap “GO” button to see your ratio

Yellow = Acidic
Purple = Alkaline

3. Plan your diet and find food items you like to balance it back to optimum ratio 3:1

4. Enable/Disable any food intolerance or medical condition

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Blnz App

Balance is the key!

The Blnz approach allows you to enjoy the foods you like, but in the correct ratio of good and bad. Most unhealthy foods tend to be acidic while healthier ones are alkaline. Blnz it!

Monitor your diet and try to keep the ratio Alkaline vs Acidic in 3:1

Any food or drink you digest is going to supply you with nutrients. The richer selection, the better chance to deliver wider spectrum. We will not restrict your diet with short list - on the contrary, we let you choose what you feel like. Our bodies are spending valuable amount of energy to break down food, some are easier to digest than others and you can gain some of the spent energy back. With correct nutrition intake you can significantly help your body to remain healthy balance and improve energy levels. Develop basic knowledge of pH levels in foods and counter balancing skills with our Blnz app. We have simplified the scale of pH number values to 2 coloured dots and made our app very easy to use for everyone.

Blnz app now supports food intolerance and medical conditions such as GLUTEN, FODMAPS & DIABETES

Blnz App

Determine food and drink pH levels

Gain basic knowledge of balanced diet

Develop dietary observation skills

Cut down toxic acid overload

Get estimate of your current pH level

Benefit from suggestions to maintain balance

Restore your energy, overall health and mind

Be on the top of the “Food Game"

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